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New Years Gifts For Animal Lovers

Posted by Dave Riley on

We all have a friend or family member who’s mad about animals, be it their own pet or just any cute and fluffy creature they can get their hands on. They’re obsessed with all things animal-shaped, with animals on them or just vaguely animal-related. You would think then that finding a gift for them would be easy. But it can be difficult to find inspiration for a gift that feels personal. Here are a few that spark our interest!

Cat and Other Animal Shaped Cushions

Perhaps your friend isn’t allowed a pet in their home? Or maybe they’re obsessed with a specific breed of cat or dog? Well, an animal-shaped cushion from Adorable Cushions could be the answer. Made from high-quality satin fabric, with a crystal-clear image of their favourite furry friend. These cushions are available in a wide variety of cat and dog breeds as well as rabbits, horses and more. Does your friend have a fluffy companion they just can’t part with? Why not have a lifelike image of them printed on a pillow? 

Dog Aprons and More

This gift is a bit of a two-in-one, appealing to cooks as well as animal lovers. With a vivid, lifelike image of their favourite companion, the recipient of this gift can cook or bake whilst their pet is with them, with no risk of stray hairs, muddy paws or any other unwanted interruptions. These adorable aprons will not only keep the mess off our clothes but are made from a lightweight, durable fabric that is machine washable, making the usual mess of baking easy to deal with.

Animal Keyrings

For those who just hate to part with their beloved pet, a keyring with their likeness on it could be the perfect gift. These delightful animal shaped keyrings come in a wide variety of breeds and species, and are made with beautiful satin and soft velour fabrics, making them safe to be used almost anywhere; with keys, suspended from a handbag, on the rear-view mirror of a car, or even from a bed frame. These cute little keyrings will make a perfect gift and allow someone to take their favourite friend with them wherever they go.

Animal Door Stops

Another multifunctional gift. These animal-shaped doorstops are not only an adorable likeness of someone’s favourite animal, but they are also a handy feature for the home, propping open doors for your furry friends or stopping them from getting out, these cute doorstops weigh a hefty 1.2Kg so will be sure to keep any door held. Made from a fade-resistant, durable fabric, and with a vivid image of their favourite pet, this will make a perfect gift for any animal lover.

Whether you have a pet-owning friend or just know someone that is animal mad. See the range and find the perfect gift today on Adorable Cushions.


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