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Why Does Your Dog Love Pillows So Much?

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You would do anything for your furry friend. They get the best food, walkies whenever they want, and a nice warm home to live in. You, of course, then don’t mind when they help themselves to your pillows or your favourite cushion on the sofa. But have you ever wondered why they seem to love sitting there so much? There are a few answers to that question and they could help you learn more about your dog.

It’s a Comfortable Place to Sit

Perhaps the most obvious answer to the question- your dog may like sitting on your pillows simply because it's comfy. They want to find the best position to rest, just like we do, so it would make sense that the support and warmth of a nice fluffy pillow would be their first choice. They may also feel comfortable with their neck supported which is why you may sometimes see your dog lying with their head on the pillow like a human. 

If you don’t like the idea of dog hair on your soft furnishings, or would actually like to use the pillows you bought for yourself, you should consider getting your dog their own cushion to sleep and rest on. Adorable Cushions offer a range of fluffy, comfortable animal shaped cushions that would suit your furry friend perfectly. You can even match the breed of your dog so they have a friend to cuddle with while you’re out of the house. 

They Miss You or Are Feeling Insecure 

If you often come home to find your dog on your pillow it could be a sign that they are missing you when you’re away. Dogs are mainly pack animals and so like to have company throughout the day. They rely heavily on scent so will be drawn to places where their pack leader (that’s you!) has left the strongest scent. This scent could make them feel safe and close to you whilst you’re away. Finding a safe spot to support them and that smells like you could also be a sign that your dog is feeling insecure or unsafe. 

A way to help with both of these things is to give your dog a pillow of their own that smells like you. This could be an old pillow or one that you have wrapped in a blanket or t-shirt that you have been using for a while. Your scent will be covering the fabric and give your best friend a safe, comfortable place to curl up while you’re away.

At Adorable Cushions, we understand that owners love their pets just as much as pets love their owners. Which is why we also offer these gorgeous animal-shaped keyrings. They come in a variety of dog breeds as well as other animals like cats and guinea pigs, so you can find one that looks just like our own furry friend and carry them with you wherever you go. 


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