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Adorable Newfoundland Shaped Cushion

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SKU: ASC-1070
The Newfoundland is a loyal, intelligent dog, who will show a great deal of affection towards its owner. A dog who naturally enjoys the outdoors but will adapt well to indoor life too, particularly when surrounded by the people who love him most.
This adorable Newfoundland shaped cushion is made from a high-quality satin fabric on the front, allowing the finest detail to be seen; from individual hairs to the very depth of his intelligent face. The back of the Newfoundland shaped cushion is made with a beautifully soft plush fabric, so as you run your hand over it, you feel as though you're stroking your favourite pet!
To help maintain its shape, each Newfoundland shaped cushion is filled with 100% virgin polyester and fully sealed.
Unique, beautiful and very huggable, Adorable Cushions® make the perfect gift for dog lovers all over.
Approximate size: H520mm x W400mm


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